Update for June 19, 2016

Coming up this weekend:

Saturday, June 18th
Men's Breakfast & Bible Study
7:30 am
All men welcome!

Sunday, June 19th

Message by Pastor Robert Tolar Jr.
Scripture Ephesians 2:1-10


Claire Ferguson, Lexi & Lydia Ledbetter, Doug & Kevin McIntire, Emma Miller, Alannah Reisling, Keith Larson, Sarah Mulvany and Jackie van Zwoll leave today for their trip to the Cabell-Lincoln Workcamp in rural West Virginia. They will be joining people from around the country to build/restore homes that are in desperate need of repair. This mission was started over 30 years ago as a ministry vision of a Presbyterian pastor who had a heart for the poor and needy. Please pray for our members who are going to serve!

Looking Ahead:

June 21st
PW Circle Group
10:15 am
Carpool to Der Dutchman

June 27th - July 1st 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
VBS “Surf Shack”
Ages 3 - 6th grade

July 10th - 16th
Camp Rejoice
3rd - 12th grade

July 15th
Summer Concert & Ice Cream Social

August 28th
Worship & Brunch at Fryer Park