Preparation of Church Building

First Presbyterian Church – House Committee
Plans for Preparing Church Building for In Person Worship and Small Groups
(Revision date 06/07/2020)

  • Examine every room to decide if it is able to be left open or if it needs to be closed off. If a room is too small that social distancing requirements can’t be sufficiently met…it needs to be closed off.
  • Post the maximum allowed occupancy outside the open rooms. Take the total square footage of room divided by 113 to get maximum allowed occupancy per room. (Per Church Mutual)
    • Example: a 20’ x 30’ classroom similar to C3 Adult SS Room will be limited to approximately 5 individuals occupying room at one time. (600 sq ft divided by 113 = 5.3 people maximum)
  • Pre-arrange tables within those rooms being left open. Space chairs to pre-arranged spacing at the tables. Remove all extra chairs from the room and place in storage. Once we set up a room with tables and chairs, they will not be allowed to be moved around by groups.
  • Building spaces that will be closed off due to not needing them currently and we would prefer not having to clean them. Ex: South Restrooms, entire Basement, and Kitchen.
  • Shut down all community drinking fountains from being used
  • Place one cleaning supply station in each room that will be used for small group meetings.
  • Post signs in each meeting room, showing the required cleaning procedures for before and after each small group meeting.
  • Email out a request for the congregation to assist in finding and purchasing a stockpile of Covid19 related cleaning supplies. We need to keep at least a 30 day supply of these specific items on hand.
  • Remove the cushions from those church pews that will be used during worship service. We can stack them on the pews that we close off. We have no way to properly clean and disinfect cloth/foam church pews.
  • Groups that plan to meet inside the church building will need to be required that they schedule their meeting with FPC Office and added to the online FPC Master Calendar. This will also be how we focus our deep cleaning by our custodian, based upon which rooms have been used.