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Our Ministries

Using our time, talents, and financial support First Presbyterian Church takes part in the following ministries.

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Brown Bag Lunch

The Deacons of First Presbyterian Church lead a FREE Community brown bag lunch. Located at the church the last Saturday of the month from 11am- 1pm. Anyone in or outside of Grove City is welcome to stop by and drive through for smiles, lunch or a prayer. Volunteers are always welcome for this ministry. 

Card Outreach Ministry

The card outreach ministry will be meeting on April 13th @ 1pm in room C3. If you are interested in making some handmade cards for members of the church community the team would love to have you. No experience required. Please come and join in spreading the love of Christ through a card to our church members.

Writing Letters
Community Garden

Community Garden

This project is on the south side of our church building. Our children's group and their leaders take care of planting, weeding and watering the garden. The produce from this garden is given to the local food pantry, church members in need, and those members who would like fresh produce. This garden is always growing and is always in need of some helping hands. 

One Great Hour of Sharing

Congregations around the world collect a special offering that will maximize our gifts to feeding the hungry, relieve and rebuild areas affected by natural disasters such as Turkey, and help people with self-development. The "One Great Hour of Sharing" special offering is the largest and oldest of the Presbyterian Mission campaigns. Please see the church bulletin or contact the church office for more information.

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